Co-op Values

Approved by the Members of Cameo Co-op on December 3, 2010

Cameo Co-op’s Commitment to support the values of the Canadian co-operative housing movement.

Our Movement, Our Values

The Values of the Canadian Co-operative Housing Movement

Canada’s non-profit housing co-operatives are dedicated to developing strong housing communities that operate under the control of the resident-Members, for their mutual benefit on a not-for-profit basis. As a movement we are united by a commitment to uphold and promote these shared values:

1. The international co-op principles guide the way we govern and manage our housing co-ops.

2. Continuing to operate our co-ops on a not-for-profit basis is fundamental to our future and to our promise to Canadians in need of housing.

3. Co-ops strive to house Members with a mix of incomes.

4. Housing co-ops treat their employees and other providers of management services fairly and value the contribution they make to their communities.

5. Housing co-ops are inclusive communities and embrace diversity by fostering a Membership of differing backgrounds and abilities.

6. A commitment to environmental sustainability guides the operating practices of housing co-ops.

7. Co-ops aim to provide a high-quality living environment for their Members and do their best to respond to their changing housing needs over time.

8. The right of Members to live in their co-op is protected as long as they respect the rules that they have together agreed will govern their housing.